Adam Finer

Father, Instructor, Waterman, Athlete.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1971.


 Adam Finer is a father, an action sports innovator, and business owner, who has found a way to combine his passions and creativity into a lifestyle that allows him do do what he loves to do.  A pioneer in Snowboarding, kitesurfing, Windsurfing, SUP. and now Foil, Adam has rolled all of his knowledge into his family business “Surf Mexico”  which is committed to creating independent environmentally responsable ocean users thru his highly skilled staff of talented Ocean Athletes and diverse training programs. Surf Mexico sells and distributes high quality water sports products, and only represents manufacturers that share his vision to reverse the negative effects humanity is having on the Ocean environment, so his daughters and future generations can continue to pursue the dominance of the aquatic environment.

Finer’s qualifications are diverse, He started his career as a Reconnaissance soldier in 1 PPCLI  Canadian Infantry Battalion. The military developed Finer’s ability to set goals and focus on mission objectives. He excelled as a soldier, athlete and leader with International successes in events such as NECIC International Military competition, obtaining an obstacle course world record, UN Track team Pole vault champion on a Unitied Nations tour in Cypress, Military Games Biathlon Gold medal winner at the Canmore Nordic Center, and many more.

Adam was the first international Stand-Up Paddle instructor trainer for the Academy of Surfing Instructors, (Australia)-  and is also a life guard trainer for GIAAS (Grupo de Investigacion en Actividades Aquatics y Socorrismo -Spain), and water safety expert and consultant. This vast, diverse experience allows him to provide expertise and learning experiences like few others in the world. Adam’s companies have taught thousands of students how to Surf, Kite Surf, wind surf, and have introduced thousands more to water sports thru his events, training seminars and courses. His latest alliance – SUP Kids teaches youngsters about water safety and environmental conservation.

As a water sports athlete Adam has competed at the top levels internationally, at world championship events such as the Red Bull King of the Air, ISA Paddle Board World Championships, Battle of the Paddle, Canadian Kite Racing Championships, and US Kite Racing Championships, and many more.  Adam has always felt the highest honor of representing his country as a proud Canadian, now living abroad in Mexico with his wife and three daughters.

Adam’s company Punta Mita Ocean Sports runs the Water Sports Program for Mexico’s most exclusive development Punta Mita, and runs his team – the Koa Kai – or Soldiers of the Sea, with military precision, in all water sports activities for the development.