Snorkel Excursion

The area of Punta Mita was once the domain of pirates, sailors and merchants who ventured from the southern continent, lured by the natural beauty of the area. Overtaking merchant seaman caught in their path, the pirates hid the stolen treasures in what is now known as Cueva del Guano, a collection of marine rocks located mere minutes from Careyeros beach. The natives still speak of the treasures and gold hidden deep inside the Cave of Guano, and many adventurers have searched in vain to find them.

This is your opportunity to join our group of experts in this extraordinary adventure, snorkel excursion in search of lost treasures.

Discover the hidden treasures of Punta Mita!

A family sized Adventure!

Snorkel Excursion

1 hour
Kupuri Beach Club
Swimsuit, sunscreen and towel
Min. Age: 5 years
Confident swimmer

 Snorkel gear    owner amenity