Punta Mita Beach Bash – Carnival Edition

Punta Mita Carnaval Cover

February 10th, 2018, Punta Mita, Mexico – The Punta Mita Beach Bash Carnival edition was held at the Kupuri Beach Club, and as expected, all involved had a great time, and most thrilled to compete in exiting new Acuatic feats, such as the Starship Surfing Team Event… and most will go down in history, with their names engraved on larger than life trophies… Just another day in Punta Mita!!

Punta Mita Ocean Sports hosted the festivities and the team did a bang up job!

The event kicked off with the Carnival Parade, a wonderful display of artistic creations, from Members, and different collaborators in Punta Mita..

Although all participants were winners,  the following few will go down in history, names engraved on the Huge COPA KUPURI BEACH BASH, for all to see, and for bragging rights…

Starship Surfing:
1st.- Team Condé Nast
2nd.- Carl’s Team- Punta Mita
3rd.- The Neil Party
Starship Race:
1st.- Doug Miller’s Team
2nd.- Jonathon Smart’s Team
3rd.- Neil Drinkard’s Team
SUP Women – Grand Master:
1st.- Kim Drinkard
2nd.- Cristy Miller
3rd.- Cristino Mirick
SUP Women – All Around Kids:
1st.- Sofia Finer
SUP Men – All Around:
1st.- Neil Drinkard
SUP Men – Master:
1st.- Brett Crosby
2nd.- Rod Rosenstein
3rd.- Jonathon Smart
SUP Men – Grand Master:
1st.- Neil Drinkard
2nd.- Doug Miller
3rd.- Larry Mirick
SUP Men – Kahuna:
1st.- Mike Mahoney

Thank you everybody for joining us.