• Private Lesson 2,200 MXN
  • Group Lesson 1,900 MXN
Duration: 1 Hour
Location: El Surf Club
Bring: Swimsuit, sunscreen and towel
Min Age: 5 years
Requirement: Confident swimmer

Experience the thrill and excitement of catching waves with the help and guidance of our certified ASI surf instructors. The beautiful surroundings of Punta Mita and the outside rocky shelf provide a perfect setting for beginners looking to catch their first waves.

At Punta Mita Ocean Sports, we focus on getting you up and surfing with confidence and style. We have developed superior instructional techniques to assist all levels of surfers, from beginner to advanced.

Surf awareness, safety and self-rescue skills

•Understand the surf environment
•Types of waves and their dangers
•Identify rips and how to get out of them
•Understand beach information and warning signs
•Identify surf hazards and how to avoid them
•Methods to negotiate through the surf
•Methods to come in from the surf with
•Use self-rescue techniques
•Caring for the beach environment

Board control and intermediate level surfing manoeuvres (top and bottom turns, cut-backs and re-entries on forehand and backhand)

•Assess surfing conditions-weather, swell, tides, wind direction, speed
•Identify how to read waves by understanding different water conditions, wave types,
•Identify 5 different types of surf breaks
•Select a surfing location for the intermediate surfer
•Choose a suitable place for entering and exiting the water at different surf breaks
•Identify and use the different types of rips an
•Negotiate broken and unbroken waves using the duck dive
•Identify correct paddling out protocol
•Choose the correct waves to ride,
•Identify the correct take off position.
•Correctly ride the wave by understanding how body weight and speed affect surfing
•Identify how to turn your board
•Identify methods to get off the wave
•How to wipe out safely at the intermediate level

Control surfboard and link advanced level surfing manoeuvres in the critical part of the wave

•Predict surf conditions at different surf breaks taking-weather, tide, and land formations into consideration
•Identify hazards at surfing at the advanced level
•Select a surfing location for the advanced surfer
•Negotiate advanced level waves
•Identify different types of take-offs

We use the best quality soft boards for learning

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