• Members 800 MXN
  • Non Members 1,000 MXN
Duration: 1 Hour
Location: Kupuri Beach Club
Bring: Swimsuit, sunscreen and towel
Min Age: 4 Years
Requirement: Confident swimmer

Our certified instructors will show you why it’s the fastest growing sport in the world, thru a program designed to make learning easy while you progress at your own pace. The perfect way to enjoy spectacular views,  and incredible wildlife encounters in Punta Mita. Experience the ocean from an entirely new perspective, as if you’re walking on water.

This is your first step in learning how to SUP.    It applies to inland waterways with calm flat waters.   Learn how to identify safe conditions, locations, self rescue techniques, equipment, paddle technique and more.

For paddling in coastal locations or large inland bodies of water where there is potential for uneven, choppy waters and swell up to 2ft but no breaking waves.  You will learn new safety location information and paddle techniques to stay balanced and negotiate the swells.

Downwinding utilises the wind and the energy of the ocean swells to assist the paddler.    It requires SUP skill, strategy and endurance to judge the peaks and troughs (runners) and catch these to propel you along, whilst keeping the wind on your back.