Punta Mita Beach Bash

Diciembre 7th, 2018, Punta Mita, Mexico – A new edition of Punta Mita Beach Bash, presented by Punta Mita Ocean Sports, will take place at the Kupuri Beach Club, where all participants can compete in various water activities.

Beach Bash 

  • Starship Surfing
  • Starship Race
  • SUP Women – Grand Master
  • SUP Women – All Around Kids
  • SUP Men – All Around
  • SUP Men – Master
  • SUP Men – Grand Master
  • SUP Men – Kahuna
Punta-Mita-Beach Bash
Punta Mita Beach Bash
SUP Women
Punta Mita Cernaval Gallery

See you in Punta Mita!!