Riding the waves of safety in Punta Mita: The ASI Surf Water Rescue Award

Surfing is a popular and exciting sport enjoyed by many around the world. However, like any water activity, there is always a risk of accidents and emergency situations. To ensure the safety of surfers and beachgoers in Punta Mita, it is essential to have trained and qualified individuals who can recognize and respond to emergencies quickly and effectively.

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This is why the team Punta Mita Ocean Sports took part in the ASI Surf Water Rescue Award training imparted by the ASI and Surf Mexico team of instructors, last year in September.    

One of the most recognized and respected certifications for surf rescue is the ASI Surf Rescue Award. This course teaches students how to recognize and respond to emergency situations, apply surf rescue techniques, and conduct water rescues of both conscious and unconscious patients.

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The ASI Surf Rescue Award is a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics, including:


  • Recognizing and responding to emergencies in the surf
  • Understanding and implementing surf rescue techniques, such as board rescues and tube rescues
  • Conducting water rescues of both conscious and unconscious patients
  • Providing basic life support to patients in emergency situations
  • Communicating effectively with other rescue personnel
  • The course is designed for both surfers and non-surfers and is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to respond to emergencies in the surf. It is also ideal for lifeguards, beach safety personnel, and other professionals who work in the surf and beach environment.
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The program is typically completed in 2-3 days and consists of both theoretical and practical components. The theoretical components are delivered in a classroom setting, while the practical components are conducted in the water.

Upon completion of the course, the PMOS team received an ASI Surf Rescue Award certificate, which is recognized and respected by surf lifesaving organizations, lifeguard agencies, and beach safety personnel around the world.

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The ASI Surf Water Rescue Award is a very valuable certification for anyone who wants to learn how to respond to emergencies in the surf and help keep surfers and beachgoers safe. With the increase of surfers, beachgoers, and water activities in general, having people trained in surf rescue is essential in keeping everyone safe. It is a great investment of time and money to protect yourself and others while enjoying the waves.

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We congratulate the Punta Mita Ocean Sports team for their standup participation in the  ASI Surf Water Rescue Award and for being up to the challenge. Stay tuned for more certifications in Mexico with ASI and Surf Mexico! 

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